Engaging Students with Blurred Minds Academy

Let’s change the way students think about alcohol, drugs, vaping and tobacco. Subscribe to Australia’s most innovative alcohol and drug education program with gamified online and in-classroom activities.

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An online education portal designed to make teachers’ lives easier

The Academy helps engage students with relevant and meaningful education to change their beliefs and behaviours for the better. Featuring 13 curriculum mapped modules, assessments, marking rubrics and slides to save you time as you plan your lessons in less than 15 minutes.

Students who have completed the program showed:

Icon of a wine bottle and a glass of wine partially filled

Students increase their knowledge about alcohol, vaping, and other drugs

Students have more accurate perceptions around how many young people drink, vape, and smoke cannabis

Increase capability to say no to a drink, vape, or cannabis offering

Reduce positive expectations for alcohol, vaping, and cannabis

Reduce or maintain low levels of drinking, vaping, and cannabis use

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    >> Teachers Love the Blurred Minds Academy <<

    When we asked teachers about their experience with the Blurred Minds Academy, they tell us that it:

    Improves their teaching experience

    Increases their knowledge about vaping, alcohol, and other drugs

    Makes their teaching more effective

    Helps them connect with their students

    85% of Teachers found the Academy Improved Their Teaching Experience

    >> Blurred Minds Academy Modules <<

    The Academy features 13 effective alcohol and drug education modules.

    Vaping and Health

    Vaping Deception

    Icon of a hand holding a vape pen

    Vaping and the Environment

    Icon of a gavel striking

    Australian Law

    Icon of an open book emitting magical phenomena

    Myths and Norms

    Icon of a bubbling drink in a mug next to a bottle

    Standard Drinks

    Icon of some test tubes and a syringe

    Blood Alcohol Concentration

    Icon of a person's head, with the brain being visible like an x-ray

    The Brain

    Icon of a car and a no drinking sign

    Drink Driving

    Icon of a megaphone making callouts


    Icon of a person navigating between crosses

    Strategies and Tactics

    Icon of a marijuana leaf and a lit marijuana "joint"

    Marijuana Truths

    Icon of a syringe and pills

    Classification of Drugs

    Module Features

    A laptop with a Blurred Minds Academy module open
    Icon of a video playing


    Icon of a list of completed items with a pen


    A computer screen with a mouse clicking on it

    Interactive elements


    Teacher Resources

    Teachers get access to a slide pack and teacher guide for each module reducing classroom preparation time to less than 15 minutes.

    A stack of papers with information about Blurred Minds Academy

    Module guides

    A laptop with a Blurred Minds Academy powerpoint slide open

    Slide decks

    Teacher in class teaching students
    Student laptop with Blurred Minds on the screen
    Students using laptops to use Blurred Minds Academy
    Teacher in class teaching students
    Student laptop with Blurred Minds on the screen
    Students using laptops to use Blurred Minds Academy

    Key Benefits

    Icon of a teacher pointing to a board

    Plug and play solution

    Can be implemented virtually

    Icon of a clock

    Saves teachers’ time


    >> Subscribe now <<

    A subscription provides your school, teachers and students with:

    > 1-year subscription to the Blurred Minds Academy online portal

    > Access to all 13 modules

    > Assessments, marking rubrics, powerpoint slides and teacher guides

    > Personalised support from Blurred Minds staff

    > Onboarding and check-in sessions

    > Discounts on other Blurred Minds products, such as the Empowering Change Workshop

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    Transform your school’s approach to vaping, alcohol, and drug education with Blurred Minds. Our gamified programs empower teachers, students, and parents to create a healthy and informed community. Let us help you engage and educate your students in a holistic way that meets your school’s unique needs. Together, we can make a difference.

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