Engaging & Empowering Alcohol & Drug Education WOrkshops

Choose from a selection of three engaging alcohol and drug education workshops that change the way your students think. These workshops will be tailored to your school’s needs.

• Blurred Minds workshop options •

Blurred Minds workshop options

Changing attitudes

1-hour session

Years 7-12


This 1-hour alcohol education workshop includes many of our best Blurred Minds activities ranging from our beer goggle activity, interactive quizzes, and passing out session. We carefully tailor messages to your cohort and students will have a better understanding how alcohol is marketed to them, the effects and consequences of drinking, myth-busting and encouraging a culture of no or sensible alcohol consumption. Students will walk away with more negative attitudes towards excessive drinking.

Vape detective

1 or 2-hour session

Years 7-12

Up to 90 students

This workshops features 1 or 2 hours of engaging content on vaping. We cover topics like the origin and evolution of the vape industry, vaping and social media, unpacking what’s in a vape and what we know about e-liquids and their effect on students’ brain and body. This session can be topped up with a Virtual Reality Experience to experience peer-pressure scenarios. Students will walk away with more critical thinking skills and the capability to refuse vape related offers.

Empowering change

2-hour session

Years 7-12

Up to 90 students

Our most popular alcohol and drug education workshops featuring 2 hours of jam-packed and highly engaging content to teach your students about alcohol and drugs. It features the same thrills of the Changing Alcohol Attitudes workshop, plus a Virtual Reality House Party experience. Students will walk away with more critical thoughts about alcohol and drugs, and strategies on how to avoid or delay drinking.

Virtual choices

45-minute session

Years 7-12

Up to 30 students

This 45-minute workshop features our cutting-edge Virtual Reality equipment for your school to help increase your students’ resilience and reduce their peer pressure susceptibility. This learning-by-doing approach combines modern development principles from Virtual Reality with leading psychology and marketing, to stepping students through real-world drinking scenarios without the risks.

Looking for more than just a workshop?

Blurred Minds Academy is a curriculum-mapped alcohol and drug education program that uses online and in-classroom activities to engage students and includes time-saving planning, teaching and assessment resources for teachers.

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