Frequently Asked Questions

About Blurred Minds Academy

The demo is a quick 15-minute meeting held over zoom in order to understand your school and teacher needs, as well as introduce you to the Blurred Minds Academy program. This will include an overview of what our modules entail and how easy it is for you to get started implementing them into your curriculum. You can book your demo here at a time that works best for you.

Blurred Minds Academy is an easily adaptable solution that can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including pastoral care sessions, HPE classes, and health and wellbeing programs.

Yes, many school nurses already take advantage of the resources available in the Blurred Minds Academy. To learn more and see how it can benefit your students, book a demo or get in contact with us today.

Yes. Blurred Minds Academy resources are designed to empower teachers to deliver more engaging alcohol and drug education lessons. Teachers have the ability to modify and tailor the presentation to their students’ specific needs.

Yes, we can offer a 7-day free trial following a demo booking.

Yes, it is. Blurred Minds Academy is a ready-to-use package. We’d be delighted to collaborate with you in determining the most effective use of Blurred Minds Academy modules for your school’s requirements and any existing alcohol and drug education materials that you may be utilizing.

Blurred Minds is a not-for-profit initiative housed within Griffith University. All income is reinvested into the program.

Blurred Minds Academy is useable with accessibility tools, such as screen readers. However, there are a couple elements in some of the modules, such as the games, that are not accessibility friendly. We are always striving to improve, so if you find something that isn’t accessibility friendly, please let us know.

About the Modules

The Blurred Minds Academy features 11 gamified modules which are mapped to the Australian Curriculum for year 7, 8 , 9 and 10.

Each lesson includes an online component that students can complete at their own speed, which is then followed by a teacher-led classroom session that builds on the learnings from the online activity.

Every module corresponds with one classroom lesson. Face-to-face activities can be reduced or lengthened to adapt to a school’s needs.

Modules are written to cater for Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 reading level comprehension. Students are expected to be able to navigate the online component which requires reading, listening, comprehension and basic computer skills. We can help you determine if Blurred Minds Academy is a good match to your students literacy levels in our demo.

Billing and Pricing

We charge an annual subscription fee that gives you access to all Blurred Minds Academy features for one full year. The subscription fee will depend on your student cohort size and we charge on a per student basis. 

  • Up to 100 students: ($7 per student), 
  • 101-250 students ($6 per student), 
  • 251-500 students ($5 per student) 
  • >501 students ($4 per student) 

Yes, with your subscription you get access to all 13 modules including their associated powerpoint slides, teacher guides, assessments and marking rubrics.

There are no further discounts available. However, we have suggestions on organisations you can approach that would potentially be willing to fund a subscription for your school. You can contact us about them.


We’ve put up a variety of resources to assist families in creating and maintaining positive connections with their teenagers. View all parents’ resources here.

Using the Academy

We have created three assessment options for you, two with pre-built activities and one that you can customise with your own assessment activity.

The Academy comes with a reporting feature to help you track your students’ progress, what modules they have completed, and how well each student did on the quiz after every module.

An onboarding session is used to help your teaching team get the most out of the Blurred Minds Academy. We make sure that every teacher working with Blurred Minds Academy knows how to enrol their students, prepare for a class, and run one in this short 15-minute session.

Go to Blurred Minds Academy and click on the “Forgot your password?” link. You will then need to enter your email or username. If your account exists, an email will be sent to you that allows you to reset your password. If you still have issues, please contact us.

There is an alternative form for resetting your password that you can try. You can find this form by clicking the link underneath the password reset form. This error is brought about due to an incorrect cookie setting in your web browser. If you still have issues, please contact us.