Good news, Victorians!

Your schools can now get full access to the Blurred Minds Academy for FREE thanks to the Victorian Government.

Use Blurred Minds Academy for Free

Thanks to the Victorian Government’s new $200 million Schools Mental Health Fund, your school can get full access to Blurred Minds Academy for free. This new fund will enable state schools in Victoria to choose programs, staff, and other support from an evidence-based Schools Mental Health Menu of interventions.

The Department of Education and Training undertook an extensive procurement process to identify quality providers of evidence-based student mental health and wellbeing programs for inclusion on the Menu, and we are proud to announce that the Blurred Minds Academy made the menu!

What is the schools mental health fund?

New permanent funding stream for Victoria's government schools. Each school receives a minimum of $25,000 to spend acquit within the calendar year. Schools receive funding to pruchase evidence-based programs, staffing and resources from the Menu

The Schools Mental Health Menu is meant to provide schools with trust in selecting evidenced-based programs, personnel, and resources to enhance student mental health and wellbeing for years to come.

Funding is being rolled out over 2022-2024

Funding in 2022 is being rolled out in the areas highlighted on the map.

Gaming resources

Effective with students

Empowers teachers

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Save teachers time

Evidence based

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Plug and play solution

How to get Blurred Minds Academy?

To get a quote and purchase a subscription, please contact us or book a Discovery Call with us and we will answer any questions. To know more about how to use your school mental health menu fund (allocated to schools yearly) check out the department’s website.

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