We believe in free things!

The Blurred Minds team provides a range of free resources that you can use to deliver alcohol and drug education in your school.

>> Play Time <<

The Blurred Minds Academy features several alcohol and drug education games.
Here are two games students can play free of charge.

Perfect Pour

An exciting alcohol education game that teaches students the notion of what constitutes a standard drink.


Alcohol Trivia Show

Strap yourself into the hot seat and see if you can answer all questions related to alcohol and drugs.


✱ Blurred Minds VR House Party ✱

The VR House Party is a gamified drama that unfolds at a teen house party with a range of storylines determined by students as they watch and drink … or don't drink. The VR House Party is an immersive 'choose your own live-action adventure' where users become the directors.