How does Blurred Minds Academy use MIS IDs?

Note that this is only relevant for the version of Blurred Minds Academy that uses MIS IDs.

Blurred Minds Academy only makes use of a student’s MIS username. Their MIS username is what they use to log into Blurred Minds Academy to access the modules. If the website refers to a MIS ID, it would be specifically referring to the MIS username.

  • Before a student can log in with their MIS username, they must first be enrolled into the Blurred Minds Academy system by the school coordinator, or a teacher who knows how to.
  • If your school doesn’t use MIS IDs, the school coordinator for your school can visit the “Enrol your school” page that has instructions on creating MIS IDs for your students to use. MIS IDs created in this way are not official MIS IDs and are only to used for facilitating student access to Blurred Minds Academy.